One of the critical objectives of the world energetics in sustainable development is the support of research in the field of renewable energy resources. The program of development and support of the renewable energy resources is currently in the forefront in EU countries. In compliance with this long-term intention, the project of realization of a research establishment titled “Centre for Research and Utilization of Renewable Energy (CVVOZE)” has been started at the Brno University of Technology (Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication).

Main goal of the Centre is to concentrate significant research and development facilities for solution of issues of development, research and utilization in the areas of electrochemical sources of electric energy, hydrogen cells, electro-mechanic energy conversion, power and control electronics and senzorics, and production of electric energy from renewable resources.

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Electromechanical energy conversion

The research division is focused on increase in efficiency of existing electrical machines used in ecological transportation, and development of conceptually new machines, including design and optimization of new control systems with application of modern signal processors.

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Chemical and photovoltaic energy

The research division is focused on research and development of applications of electrochemical energy and photovoltaics, mainly for the use in manufacturing, electronics and transportation.

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Generation, transmission, distribution and use of electrical energy

The research division is aimed on research and development of new devices for transmission and distribution of electrical energy with improved energetic and ecology parameters, leading to better reliability of electrical energy delivery and quality, including safety of electrical installations.

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CVVOZE Power Laboratories (CVVOZEPowerLab)

Centre for Research and Utilization of Renewable Energy offers a unique technology of large research and development infrastructure for both scientific and industrial community in the field of high power engineering.
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