Hydrogen power plant

A station includes two education sets of H-tec. They are T103 and U102, which allow a wide range of experiments. The main parts of these sets are an electrolyzer and a fuel cell. The entire station is working with a small voltage to 5V ( U102 set) and about 2V ( T102 set). Sets can be powered by a laboratory source, or using small photovoltaic cells, which are also included. A monitoring card is used for the total monitoring, which allows a real time monitoring of all models including every cell in a stack. From the measured data we can calculate the efficiency and electrical properties of both the fuel cell and the electrolyzer.

Experiments possible with our sets:

  • Building a fuel cell stack up to ten cells
  • Producing and storing hydrogen
  • Determining characteristic curve of solar panel
  • Voltage-controlled automatic measurements
  • Determining characteristic curve of electrolyser
  • Determining electrolyser efficiency
  • Learning about Faraday‘s laws
  • Determining characteristic curves of fuel cell
  • Determining fuel cell efficiency
  • Determining decomposition voltage of water
  • Long-term measurements at your own PC
  • Fixing the output at different operating points of the fuel cell stack
  • Monitoring single cell stack voltages at your PC
  • Power-controlled automatic measurements
  • Using methanol to generate electricity