Electromechanical Energy Conversion

The primary orientation of the research programme is directed mainly towards applied research in the field of electromechanical energy conversion.

At present approximately 65% of the total produced energy is converted into mechanical energy and around 85% all electric energy is generated on the basis of electromechanical principle. It is obvious that increased efficiency of electromechanical energy conversion, either on the side of sources or on the side on consumption, leads to a significant decrease of the energy demand of economics.

Research team is concentrated not only on reaching of high efficiency of electrical machines as a fundamental goal of electromechanical energy conversion, but also on decrease in power demand of electrical drives en bloc, in modern conception including the electrical machine, static converter and sophisticated methods of control. Other important aspect in the research activities concerns reliability and diagnostics of electrical drives and converters.

In recent years, an effort worldwide was aimed to research of electrical machines with permanent magnets containing NdFeB, which attain very good operational parameters. On the other hand, mining of raw material for a production of those permanent magnets has very negative effect on the environment, together with high economical and strategic risks. Accordingly, research in the field of electrical machines is aimed to ecologically favourable materials for the permanent magnets production.

Massive superiority of electrical energy in a transportation has a barriers in the field of electrochemical sources of energy and charging infrastructure for electromobiles, the solution of which is a goal of one of our below mentioned research activities.

Main research activities

Head of the research programme:

Ondřej Vítek

email: viteko@vut.cz