Electrical machines with a minimum of environmentally harmful materials

Optimization of electrical machines

Electric machinesResearch is focused on conceptions and optimization of electrical machines with a high potential to achieve high efficiency according to the highest efficiency class IEA according to the European standard IEC 60034-30. Attention is given to special electrical machines with a minimum content of harmonics in induced voltage and high-speed machines. Analyses of  available perspective types of winding are performed with respect to suppression of their negative properties and research on new types of winding, including quasiharmonic winding with a theoretical zero content of higher spatial harmonics.

Electrical machines with permanent magnets

Electrical machines with permanent magnets are studied with the focus on modern materials for magnets, not based on NdFeB, with the aim to reduce ecological load together with economic and strategic hazards. Simulation of electrical machines are performed by means of the method of finite elements, including transition analysis and supply source effect (standard three-phase network, converter) together with the analysis of achieved parameters, losses and their causes. Laboratory samples of selected electrical machines are designed together with experimental verification of the theoretical results.