Laboratory of power electronics and microprocessors

Research Topics

  • Design, simulations and development of electronic circuits, printed circuit boards, including mounting and implementation.
  • Computations of electromagnetic circuits in inductor coils, transformers and electric machines.
  • Simulations of dynamic systems a regulation design.
  • Control of dynamic systems (electric drives up to 1 MW).
  • Research of electric drives of high efficiency.
  • Research and design of compact power chargers.
  • Research in the field of hybrid and electric traction.
  • Research of hydrogen fuel cell in independent traction.
  • Diagnostics of electric drives and power converters.
  • Application and monitoring of accumulation systems in independent traction.

Head of Laboratory

Petr Procházka
Technicka 3082/12, 616 00, Brno, Czech Republic
Phone: +420 541 146 706