Generation, transmission, distribution and use of electrical energy

The focus of the research programme consists mainly in applied research oriented towards the optimization of processes and equipment (apparatuses) in the field of energetic. The basic direction of the related research and development will lie in the optimization of power switchgear parameters in the region of quenching systems (including the diagnostics of the quenching process) and in the research and development in the field of application of devices for electrical energy distribution from renewable sources.

Sustainable power electrical engineering as a component of sustainable power engineering is among the priorities of every modern society and is included in the research and development priorities of the Czech Republic and European Union. The dynamic development of the energy mix constituted by the diversification of sources and increasing share of distributed production as opposed to major sources brings about new technical problems, a challenge for research and development in this field.

The main target in the field of sustainable development of electric energy sources is minimization of environmental impacts. In long-term perspective this means a combination of nuclear power plants, hydroelectric power stations, solar stations and biomass stations.  Sources of gas, mainly in the short-term perspective, are the necessary system support. Electrical networks at various levels represent the linking and often integrating element between power generation and consumption, in dependence on connected and used output. The above mentioned increasing share of low-output sources connected into low voltage levels of the electrification system results in new needs of regulation, control and diagnostics. Another major aspect is the efficiency of generated energy exploitation. Successful energy management of buildings consisting in effective cooperation of energy-efficient systems of heating, cooling and lighting can be significant for economical utilization of electric energy vital for sustainable development.

This topic also covers research on new technologies for cooperation of different types of sources in the energy mix, new algorithms for control and optimization of processes and new methods and technologies for diagnostics and measurements within the entire chain production – transport – distribution – exploitation of electric energy.

Main research activities

Head of the research programme:

Petr Toman