Electrical protection laboratory

  • Methods for localization and elimination of earth faults in compensated networks.
  • The method of the additional earthing of the affected phase during an earth fault and its influence on MV and LV network safety.
  • Research of methods for fault localization based on a detailed analysis of measuring records obtained in the real distribution network in 2010.
  • Possibilities in application of existing equipment for measuring and managing the network to locate earth fault by means innovative algorithms in the accordance with the philosophy SmartGrids.
  • Improvement of algorithms for protection of distribution networks using communication to IEC 61850.
  • Methods for testing digital communications with protection according to IEC 61850.

Head of laboratory

Jaroslava Orsagova
Technicka 3082/12, 616 00 Brno, Czech Republic
Email: orsagova@vut.cz
Phone: +420 541 146 224