Laboratory of switching arc diagnostics

Optical diagnostics of very fast phenomena using FASTCAM SAX-2 high-speed camera

Camera specifications
  • Sensor: 20µm pixel size, 12-bit ADC (Bayer system color, single sensor)
  • Shutter: Global electronic shutter from 1ms to 1µs independent of frame rate (293 ns shutter available subject to export license control)
  • Extended Dynamic Range: Selectable in twenty steps (0 to 95% in 5% increments) to prevent pixel over-exposure
  • Memory 16GB (10,916 frames @ maximum resolution)
  • Recording bit depth: Selectable 8-bit or 12-bit recording
  • Low Light Mode: Low light mode drops the frame rate and shutter time to their maximum values, while maintaining other set parameters, to enable users to position and focus the camera
  • Triggering: Selectable positive or negative TTL 5Vp-p or switch closure
  • Event Markers: Ten user specified event markers indicate specific events within an image sequence in real time. Immediately accessible through software
  • Trigger Modes: Start, End, Center, Manual, Random, Random Reset, Random Center, Random Manual, Image Trigger
  • Saved Image Formats: JPEG, AVI, TIFF, BMP, RAW, RAWW, MRAW PNG, MOV and FTIF.
  • Data Acquisition Supports: Photron and National Instruments™ DAQ options
  • Operating Temperature 0 – 40 degrees
  • Dimensions 177.7 mm (7.0“)H×160 mm (6.3“)W×350 mm (13.78“)D *excluding protrusions
  • Weight 9.9kg (21.3 lbs)
Frame Rate Performance examples
  • 12,500 fps at 1024×1024 pixel resolution
  • 13,500 fps at 1024×1000 pixel resolution
  • 40,000 fps at 640×488 pixel resolution
  • 100,000 fps at 384×264 pixel resolution
  • 1,000,000 fps at 128×8 pixel resolution
Illustration of the camera use

a) Recording of the switching arc in switchgear (circuit breaker)

b) Equidensitometry analysis of AC electric arc between carbon electrodes

Head of laboratory

Jiri Valenta
Technicka 3082/12, 616 00 Brno, Czech Republic
Phone: +420 541 146 862