Laboratory of unconventional energy sources

The activities of the laboratory is focused on research, development and use of unconventional power sources for the production of electricity and thermal energy in terms of current development in the field of energy sources. Within each solved project, the focus is on increasing the efficiency of technological equipment and optimization of technological processes of energy production.

Technical-experimental activities

  • Non-destructive diagnostics of Peltier cells
  • Development of thermoelectric generator design
  • Cooperation of power sources in the combined systems (PV, VTE)
  • Usage of thermoelectric converters for measuring temperature dependence sof measuring device
  • Optimization of RES
  • Research in the accumulation of large amount of electrical energy (hydrogen)
  • Study of the properties of oxidation-reduction cycles to accumulate power in the electrolyte (VRB – flow batteries)
  • Developing a comprehensive diagnostic -monitoring system for renewable energy sources (PV and VTE – Savonius, Darvius)
  • Research in application of modern control systems for the management of RES
  • Research in possible implementation and operation of RES within system technology of buildings and family houses
  • Research in accumulation of thermal energy (PCM substances applications)

Experiments and theoretical modeling

  • Simulation of the PV panels behavior at different operating conditions
  • Mathematical model of the regenerative heat exchanger
  • Hybrid solar system in cooperation with HP
  • Thermodynamic cycle of heat engine
  • Model of electrolyzer-fuel cell system
  • Mathematical and economic models of renewable energy sources and its behavior in response to changing input conditions
  • Prediction of electricity production from renewable energy sources, depending on meteorological conditions
  • Storage tank with divided heat stratification

Head of laboratory

Petr Mastny
Technicka 3082/12, 616 00 Brno, Czech Republic
Phone: +420 541 146 213