What is CVVOZEPowerLab?

CVVOZE Power Laboratories (CVVOZEPowerLab) is a large infrastructure for research, development and innovation (RI) by course of Czech law 130/2002 Coll. In the framework of targeted support by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic (project LM2015092), the BUT offers open access to the RI technologies for the purposes of research, development and innovation.

Centre for Research and Utilization of Renewable Energy offers a unique technology of large research and development infrastructure for both scientific and industrial community in the field of high power engineering.

The research infrastructure consists of two special laboratories located in Professor List’s Science and Technology Park.

The first one is  High current laboratory. Technology of the laboratory enables the generation of alternate currents up to a 150 kA magnitude at a 250 V voltage and direct currents up to a 50 kA magnitude at a 1000 V voltage.

The second one laboratory is shielded High voltage laboratory. Technology of this laboratory enables generation of a 300 kV AC voltage with a maximum 1 A current and the DC voltage pulses of both polarities up to 1000 kV with up to 100 kJ energy. The attenuation of the laboratory shielding equals of 90 dB in the frequency range of 30 MHz to 1 GHz for the electric field and over 60 dB in the frequency range of 10 kHz to 30 MHz for the magnetic field.

The main research fields include:

  • Research on the electrical switching technology adapted to DC equipment.
  • Research on physics of the electric arc during a switching process.
  • Research and diagnostics of faults in the structure of insulation materials.
  • Research on interference, methodology of EMC measurement and testing.

The High current laboratory consists of Switchgear laboratory and Laboratory of switching arc diagnostics. The High voltage laboratory consists of three testing laboratories with different types of high voltage sources.


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Petr Toman
Head of CVVOZEPowerLab