2D Large Beam Diameter Galvo System GVS012

The GVS series scanning galvo systems are board level, mirror positioning systems, designed for integration into OEM or custom laser beam steering applications. The GVS012 dual axis system comprises two mirror and motor assemblies, an X-Y mounting bracket, two driver cards with heat sinks and a post mounting plate. The post mounting plate also serves as a tip/tilt platform adapter and allows the system to be fitted to a PY003 tilt platform. The driver cards feature a small footprint, fixings for easy mounting to a heatsink and a simple analog command signal interface. Typical applications include laser scanning, laser display, and laser marking.



  • Maximum Beam Diameter – 10 mm
  • Finish – Protected Silver Coated
  • Demage Treshold – 100 W/cm2

Motor & Positron Sensor

  • Linearity – 99.9 %, range ±20°
  • Repeatability – 15 μRad
  • Resolution – 15 μRad (With GPS011 Linear PSU), 70 μRad (With standard switch mode PSU)
  • Maximum Scan Angle  ±20 ° (with 0.5 V/° scaling factor)

Drive Electronics

  • Full Scale Bandwidth – 65 Hz Square wave, 130 Hz Sinewave
  • Small Angle (±0.2°) Bandwidth – 1 kHz
  • Analog Position Signal Input Range  ±10 V