Embedded workplace

An embedded workplace includes all hardware and software needed for the development of different types of embedded devices. Workplace consists of two computer stations and a number of development kits for Microchip among the renowned manufacturers such as ARM, Atmel, and other specialized kits focused mainly on energy-saving technologies.
Among these we find for example a kit from the company EnOcean, which includes self-powered sensors and data loggers that are able to take all operational energy only from the environment (light energy, thermal, kinetic, etc.). Furthermore, as kit for wireless transmission of electrical energy from the PowerCastcompany, which allows you to wirelessly powered (ultra) low power sensors and devices.
There are also experimental development kits, which work as a complete and fully functional (embedded) PC running a full Linux distribution like an Ubunutu, but of course also have a hundred times less power consumption than conventional PCs.
Development software is a major part of the overall cost of workplace. In accordance with the aim of the project CVVOZE that we develop solutions also for the commercial sector and therefore it was necessary to purchase an unlimited commercial license. We can develop now not only hardware but also embedded software (firmware) and we are not bound by any licensing restrictions. Selected kits are shown on the next photo.