Electronuclear transmutation technologies

Simultaneous operation of nuclear power plants (JE) and renewable sources (OZE) will not significantly change for many years, and together with the closing of some mines and construction of two new blocks in the environs of the NPP Temelín will influence energy management in the Czech Republic. Our team is the first to study the two types of power sources, and owing to an immediate feedback can investigate predictable states of the system effectively and propose prevention measures and solutions. Our research aims to increase the rate and extent of nuclear blocks regulation for safe and reliable operation in a system with a high percentage of installed output from renewable sources.

In investigations of advanced reactor systems so called electronuclear transmutation technologies can be a way to the maximal exploitation of nuclear fuel potential. The electronuclear transmutation technologies are hybrid reactor systems mainly based on a combination of a fast reactor and an external neutron source – an accelerator and a heavy target. These very safe and perspective systems are believed to be a suitable solution to utilization of all nuclear fuel, and also for transmutation of radionuclides from fuel used up in operating reactors.