Programmable light source

Programmable light source OL 490 enables radiation of the light at one specific wavelength, or at set spectra of wavelengths on its output. This light radiation can be stable during time period, or its intensity or spectra can be time-dependent. It provides high level of output power, high level resolution and extremely quick dynamics. Thanks to these properties it has its application in wide spectra of science field and also commercial use for light laboratories, certification centres or medical purposes.

It is composed of four main parts. Electrical energy for discharge lamp power input is led through power supply, which protects the system from dangerous voltage values that can occur in power grid. It contains the operating electronics, which is used for safe and smooth start of the discharge lamp. System checks via sensors, if the temperature of any part does not cross critical level. The light source – xenon discharge lamp OL-490-Xe (input power 500 W) – has its own temperature stabilizing system, which also through sensors and control electronics operates the lamp at optimal conditions. However despite maximum possible attempt of smooth operation the degradation of the lamp is quite fast and its lifetime in the system is only 500 hrs, which enormously increase the costs of measuring. For accurate evaluation of the end of its lifetime is the counter incremented every 6 minutes. The key element of the whole system is separated in its own part and it contains the optically active elements, the DMD chip, control electronics and the interface for communication. The purpose of DMD chip is reflecting chosen parts of spectra into the optical cable of the length 1 m with great number of microscopic mirrors.

  • wavelength resolution  0.39 nmProgrammable light source
  • spectral range  380 to 780 nm
  • guaranteed accuracy  1 nm
  • width of zone  5 to 20 nm (according to adjusted width of aperture)
  • max. change of spectra  12 500 spectras/s
  • max. modulation frequency  6.25 kHz
  • noise distance (contrast) >1000:1
  • output aperture diameter  3 mm
  • supply voltage  100 to 260 VAC; 47 to 63 Hz
  • communication interface  USB 2.0
  • spectral range of optical cable  340 to 800 nm