Radiometric system

Radiometric system enables performing of extremely sensitive, complex, universal and highly precise spectroradiometric and photometric measuring. All communication with the system is for highest possible level of accuracy performed with supplied computer. The device is equipped with double monochromator and enables performing the automatic spectral analysis, spectral response, mirror or diffusion reflectance and spectral permeability.

Main part of the system is, as mentioned, double monochromator. It consists of two movable prisms and some other apertures. Thanks to the movement of prisms can be chosen separated part of spectrum, which is supposed to be measured. High level of measuring accuracy (0.2 nm) is ensured due to automatic calibration and very accurate optical system. System OL 750 has its own control system, which checks in real time all processes and takes care of communication. As radiation detector there is used special highly sensitive sensor on the basis of GaAs and PbSe, which is supplied with its own temperature-compensating system. Part of the device is also the variable stabilized power supply for supply of calibration light source.

  • spectral range  200 nm to 30 μm
  • calibration
    • 200 to 750 nm,
    • 750 to 2200 nm,
    • 1900 to 6500 nm
  • detector
    • silicon (200 to 1100 nm),
    • PbSe (1000 to 5000 nm)
  • zone width – 1 nm (2 or 5 nm)
  • measuring accuracy – 0.2 nm (0.1)
  • measure output unit
    • W/cm² nm,
    • W/cm² sr nm